Kristel Mallet is an eclectic visual artist that brings her own unique twist through the creation of colourful serigraphs. Originally from the heart of New Brunswick, Canada, Kristel grew up reading comics, as well as watching various cartoon television shows, which all led to her initial passion for drawing. 


Kristel’s main creative influences include comics, vintage illustrations, Gig Posters, B-Movies, nature, sci-fi and progressive music, among many other things. 


It was in 2005 when Kristel scored her first real gig in the 2D animation world. This led to a slew of unique professional opportunities, including working in advertising, graphic design, video editing, motion graphic design and illustration. Her work has been featured on national television and several social media sources on the web. 


Her major goal is to help others discover new songs and musicians through the exploration of her artwork. She believes, “Music keeps us company, gives us confidence and makes us discover the world.” Her goal is to continue to establish a deeper connection for those who consume her art and to reach the masses as she develops uniquely crafted pieces for all.